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Oy Markus Kajo Ab
VAT N:O FI32464168.
Email: firstname.lastname AT

Procreator Ltd Oy Markus Kajo Ab is a Finnish media and entertainment company owned by Markus Kajo.

Currently I write regular humorous columns for YLE, The Finnish Broadcasting Co. & SEURA magazine, and funny books (and audiobooks) for Docendo. Other devilry is on the works, too;
from media consulting to stand-up comedy, speaking engagements and advertising stuff.


Absurd as it may sound, given the dreadful geographical circumstances, Finnish comedy does exist. And not just tragicomedy.

Ok, tragicomedy may be the main variety, on a ratio of, say, 98:2 or so, but non-tragi Finnish comedy does exist, too. Even an intentional variety of it. –And that last, pitiful niche is what we scrape our meager living out of. Got an Emmy statuette doing that, actually, way back when.

FWIW, this site is under construction. Hence the bleakness and brevity.

(The bleakness comes with the Finnish DNA, one assumes. Postmodern Nordic understatement, we call it, when applying it to unsittable sofas & lamps that punch you in the head, as you stand up to leave the morose and dispiriting atmosphere of the dinner table. )

Short demo video: “Trapeze artists’ Hell of Suspension”
Another harebrained video: “Amazing Moves for Cheerleaders”

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Author, tv & radio “talent”, stand-up comedy & scriptwriter guy, Markus Kajo, ceo. Recipient of Chicago / West Coast Emmy award for scriptwriting & hosting a Twin Cities KTCA TV / YLE Finland co-production titled in a bout of brutal honesty “The Miserables – A Finnish confession.” (But that was a long time ago.)