I have an unofficial, shy dream about solid fuel rocked powered catapults. The ones they launch fighter aircraft with, from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. On a daily basis I dream of winning such a gargantuan contraption from a Navy surplus megacatapult lottery.

Imagine the possibilities one could use such an immensely powerul contraption for!

For instance, you could have a mother-in-law who complains there isn’t anything exciting in her life anymore.

Instead of urging her to get a new potted plant, you could playfully tie her eyes with a scarf, put an auto-opening parachute on her back, and sit her in the armchair you welded to the arm of the catapult.

Then telling your mother-in-law to count to two, you’d hit the Launch button, that ignites the battery of solid fuel rockets powering the gigantic catapult..